How we can work alongside you to create the music you’ve always wanted to write




Find Space in Silence with BlueJam’s collaboration with Growing Poetry. We invite you to come on a journey with us – find a place in your house that you don’t sit in normally and make it cozy with cushions and blankets. Then, when all is calm, choose some writing inspiration from our booklet, the ones that makes your brain flutter with ideas, the ones that will take you into new worlds or help you explore this one. And then you create, create, create – in writing, or drawing or even recording. This project is for everyone – from children to teenagers to adults, everyone is welcome. 

A perfect quiet weekend activity – we can’t wait to see what you create! 



Take this opportunity to learn how to play jazz, whatever instrument, whatever level, whatever age. If you are dipping your toe in for the first time, a sympathetic tutor who will work out how you learn best and go at your pace, is the best way to get started. If you already know what you are doing, save money by getting the exact input you need rather than trawling through loads of You Tube videos (or as well as!)

For Girls In Jazz and BlueJam Jazzers, we have a subsidised project you can sign up to.


BlueJam Arts Space Benefit!

FB Livestream 26th November Lunchtime Gig 12.30 start or catch us later – donate what you can to keep music and arts alive in our fantastic Space!

EVAN Art Trail Art for Sale during September & October.

Contact us to arrange a viewing or just ring the doorbell – we might be in!

Alice Burford: Abstract

Paintings by Jilly Jarman, Alice Burford & Bryony Jarman-Pinto and others

Bubble Gamelan sessions by appointment: £40 for 1 hour – up to 5 people with an experienced tutor. Social distancing observed.

BlueJam Arts Space, Friargate, Penrith CA11 8TU.

Look for the red door in old white building just down from Marks and Spencer car park. Ring the BlueJam bell and Jilly will let you in, explain COVID safety procedures and show you around.

To let Jilly know in advance you are coming (optional), email

Can you help BlueJam Arts keep our arts space running in this time of uncertainty and cancellations? If you are able to please click on the button to donate. Thank you

If you prefer to donate via BACS our details are:

BlueJam Cumbria

Jilly Online Jazz Singing Practice Sessions

Zoom choirs don’t really work for Improv …so Jilly is running bi-weekly Zoom Jazz Singing Practice Sessions instead

Mondays 7.40-8.40 Wednesdays 7.15 – 8.15

Each week Jilly will introduce a new jazz standard. She will zap through some interesting features of the song and lead you through a series of warm-up and soloing exercise based on the tune. The most popular bit seems to be the last bit when she plays the piano accompaniment for people to sing the tune or improvise over!

Online sessions are a good way for newcomers to dip their toe into the scary improvisation sea as no-one can hear your initial attempts! All welcome! You can sing or play an instrument. All charts put up on the website in advance HERE

Sessions are £5 payable in advance – use the PayPal or BACS link on this page. Please e-mail us to get the Zoom link to come along (

BlueJam Lockdown Videos

We really miss playing with you guys.

So what we have been doing is to try to recreate the experience of playing together by making a series of videos with the BlueJam Jazz team and our visiting  artists, which you can join in with but also, within an online music-making programme Soundtrap (like a cut-down Logic or Cubase), record your own solos and arrangements. You can then upload these to the website if you want or share them with each other and build new pieces etc. 

We have finished the first video which teaches a new song written specially for BlueJam by the amazing Jemma Freese (look at her credits at the end, she’s flying). Anyone in the BlueJam Jazz project, or your friends if they want to join, can access all the videos in the series for free, and we can log them in to Soundtrap as well. Go to the JAZZ page to see the video!

What's on next?

We are running a select number of in-person groups at the BlueJam Art Space at the moment:

  • Children’s Orchestra (Saturday Mornings)
  • BJamba

We are also running the following projects online:

  • Girls in Jazz
  • BlueJam Youth Jazz Ensemble
  • Minds in Music (Webinar Series)
  • Jilly’s Online Jazz Sessions
  • Folk Group

We also have Jazz Teaching Videos from a series of talented practitioners available on our website.

We are currently looking for schools to take part in:

  • Word Song Sound – A Musical Journey to the Land of Your Dreams

Please contact us for details and to take part in any of the above projects.