Carlisle Pageant Parade – come and sing!


Hi! Would you like to join a small group of singers and drummers heading up the Carlisle Pageant Parade this Saturday? The pageant features fantastic life-size puppets of unsung Cumbrian women made by Prism Arts.
I am looking for people to sing a short verse in unison (folk style) and a call and echo groove (protest/gospel style). All easy to learn and pitched low as we will need to sing loud to be heard. We need a few people to belt out the tune and then there are opportunities for others to harmonise.
I am attaching mp3s, words and scores. If you don’t have time to learn the tune but would like to help out by singing the groove or adding a bit of percussion that would be wonderful – numbers will make it much more powerful.
There will be a chance for a sing through beforehand at 1pm outside Civic Centre when we meet up before the 2pm parade.
As the parade moves on we will alternate the two sections with drumming grooves and a horn motif.
Do please come and join in if you can – all ages welcome! Suitable for toddlers and babies in buggies! This is about communal singing as part of a celebration rather than a performance so all singers and (“non”) singers welcome.
I’ve set the music to words are taken from a poem written by Susanna Blamire, one of the “Unsung Women” who was known as “The Muse of Cumberland”.
If you are interested can you get in touch asap?
If enough people ask for it I can organise an evening rehearsal this week.
Looking forward to it!
Cheers, Jilly

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