BlueJam Lockdown Videos

We really miss playing with you guys.

So what we have been doing is to try to recreate the experience of playing together by making a series of videos with the BlueJam Jazz team and our visiting  artists, which you can join in with but also, within an online music-making programme Soundtrap (like a cut-down Logic or Cubase), record your own solos and arrangements. You can then upload these to the website if you want or share them with each other and build new pieces etc. 

We have finished the first video which teaches a new song written specially for BlueJam by the amazing Jemma Freese (look at her credits at the end, she’s flying). Anyone in the BlueJam Jazz project, or your friends if they want to join, can access all the videos in the series for free, and we can log them in to Soundtrap as well. Go to the JAZZ page to see the video!

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