Carlisle Fireshow 2015 & 6

Jilly Jarman from BlueJam and Jeff Wallcook from Trellis Arts were commissioned to write the music and narrative for the Merlin Fireshow in 2015.

They have been asked again for the show in 2016 – watch this space!

Carlisle Fireshow "Merlin"

Practice tracks for St Bedes and Cumwhinton Primary Schools

Any questions about the performance? Please ring Jilly on 07766057315


Narrator’s Cue:

So young friends of this fair city
Can you help, and on us take pity?

Child 1: To Merlin the dragon does belong

Child 2: And to summon the wizard we must sing our song

Child 3: But you must all join in at the end

Child 4: You must believe – and not just pretend


Cumwhinton’s chant comes first, then St Bedes




St Bedes chant with drum pattern

Townsfolk puppet – Jolly tune!

Follow the cues from one of the leaders for when to play! Gather round the mics.