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Stone Meets Sky

Welcome to the Stone Meets sky Home page. Here you can follow the Young Roots Team on their journey to research the history, myth and legend surrounding a local stone circle, Long Meg and her Daughters.

Use the links to the right of this page to follow the timeline of the project.

In January 2015 BlueJam Arts received £29,000 from the Young Roots Heritage Lottery Fund for an exciting project called Stone Meets Sky.

During the project, a group of young people have created a digital resource which will be housed in Penrith and Eden Museum.

In partnership with the museum, which holds one of the richest Neolithic collections in Cumbria, the young people researched the history, myths and legends surrounding Long Meg and Her Daughters and other Neolithic sites in the area. A trip to Keswick Museum and Art Gallery and the stone lithophone inspired them to make music using natural materials.

Some of the group worked with professional musicians and filmmakers to learn skills and techniques for creating, recording and editing their films and soundtracks.

The research, site investigations and museum visits have generated material for the imaginative short films, animations and original soundtracks that you will discover as you follow our project timeline in the right hand side navigation bar.

With Thanks To The Heritage Lottery Fund

Stone Meets Sky has been supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. Thanks to National Lottery players, the Young Roots team have been able to delve in to the inspiring history of Cumbria’s stone circles and develop a rich portfolio of music and film which will be installed at the Penrith and Eden Museum.