Improv Choirs Updates

Penrith Improv Choir songwriting session Nov 2017

Tonight there was a small group of 4 – we had been working on vocal dexterity last week and this week I had just done a skill swap with Catherine Ashcroft who is a lovely whistle player so I thought I would use the whistle and the way it sounds on a jig with some rolls and cuts and move that onto the voice. We then took a 14C secular carol and sang it to the jig then Ruth improvised a new tune. We then moved that into different time signatures and worked out a chord structure. We ended up going over time we got so engrossed. I will put the tune up in vocal union – it is beautiful – thanks Ruth!

Howick Jazz & Improv Choir Workshop

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17th Jan – best session so far, organised by Sarah Gray over in the North East. A feisty group of singers with a variety of talents ranging from scatting, perfect swing drumming on a biscuit tin and saucer, improv performance involving coal scuttle and imaginary fire, and great duets on Ain’t Misbehavin, Equinox and Walkin and Talking.

Can’t wait til the next one.

Led by Jilly Jarman and Bryony Jarman-Pinto.

Jazz & Improv Singing Workshops

Due to the increased interest in the Improv Choir model we are responding to demand and delivering more one-off sessions outside Eden. The next one is on Sunday May 31st at Amble in Northumberland. Contact us for details.


Improv Choirs

BlueJam has been running an Improv Choirs programme under the direction of Jilly Jarman since 2010 with a continuous group in Penrith and partner choirs in North London and Brampton. In 2015 a new choir run by Bryony Jarman-Pinto has started in Edinburgh.

For adults with any type of voice working in any genre, these choirs are open to all to experiment and enjoy the freedom of generating your own vocal ideas within a safe and supportive group.

We tend to start with jazz, blues and world genres for ease of access but allow ourselves free rein in how we manipulate the sounds and create the music.