The Course was a great success..

…one of our best yet – great group of older bluejammers who have been coming to session for a few years and a new group of Year 6’s up and ready to get going with loads of creative energy. Watch this space!

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COURSE detalls

Timetable and workshop details

Please email for a booking form

SAT 11th

10 – 11.30 Meeting for Stone Meets Sky group
(details HERE)

WORKSHOPS: 10 – 4pm

Jazz band skills with Geoff Bartholomew

(starting at 11.30)
Filming techniques with Richie Johnstone

Composition using voice, instruments and found objects
with Ella Jarman-Pinto

Studio skills – recording and making soundtracks
with Tom Leah

SUN 12th


Jazz band skills – play jazz tunes and learn to improvise
with Jilly Jarman

Studio skills – recording and making soundtracks
with Tom Leah

Composition using voice, instruments and found objects
with Ella Jarman-Pinto

Easter School Music Leaders






Tom is a former BlueJam participant who has moved to Manchester and writes and records his own music in the studio, performing solo and also with a live band. He has run many successful studio skills sessions for BlueJam for various projects and we are very glad to have him back. He performs as “Werkha” and has an album out shortly.

Richie is a local film-maker who went to Beaconside and QEGS and currently has an exhibition at the Brewery, Kendal. He has made films for BlueJam and we are excited about working with him again. See his work at

Ella is a former BlueJam participant who has returned to Penrith after studying at the Guildhall in London. A composer, she has delivered songwriting and composition workshops for BlueJam, and has set up her own company Eden Contemporary Music. She writes contemporary orchestral and vocal music for commission – you can find her music at

Geoff moved to Penrith from London in 2013 and is now established as Cumbria’s leading jazz trumpet player. Writing his own music he plays in various bands and has established a teaching practice in schools and privately. He co-runs BlueJam’s Jazz Programme and performs locally and across Europe.

Jilly is Director of BlueJam and co-runs the Jazz Programme. She is an MD and composer who works with vocal and instrumental groups of all levels, incorporating improvisation and composition into the activity wherever she can.


Who can attend?

What should I bring?

How do I choose a workshop?

Anyone 11-19. Some people attending will be part of the Stone Meets Sky project but this weekend is open to everyone.
You don’t have to have a lot of experience, but if you want to do the Jazz session you will need to be able to play an easy tune on your instrument.

Bring your instrument and amp if needed. We will provide some drumkits (but you may want to bring cymbals, kick pedal etc), keyboards and PA.
Bring lunch and drinks.

In the booking form we just ask you to tell us a bit about what you are most interested in.
Depending on numbers and who wants to do what, we may get people to try more than one thing.
There will be a chance for you to go and work in small groups as well.

BlueJam runs Music Schools in the holidays and at half-terms.

We call them music schools because we make sure that participants can access high-quality tuition and support.

However, they are meant to be fun and accessible to young people of all standards, and we are not interested in producing a musical elite. Many young people who find it hard to become involved in music for example in school find our way of working suits them and go on to become experienced musicians.

Any feedback from parents, teachers, youth workers is invaluable as well as obviously from young people themselves.

We are especially interested to find out why some young people stop coming so that we can support them better.