Carlisle Fireshow November 5th 2016

Jilly Jarman from BlueJam and Jeff Wallcook from Trellis Arts have once again been commissioned to write the music and narrative for the Fireshow

MUSIC – taking part as contributors to the soundtrack will be primary students from Scotby, Kingmoor Junior and Stanwix Schools. They will sing the “Calico Cranes, Biscuits and Trains” song and provide a vocal train soundscape.

Singers from Central Academy will sing the final song, which they helped to write, and brass players from Trinity and William Howard and Carlisle College will play live and recorded tunes throughout.

Horn parts for Trinity brass ensemble

This is a little fanfare – really easy!


Fanfare Score


Calico, Cranes, Biscuits and Cranes

Calico, Cranes, Biscuits and Trains Song
Words by Jeff Wallcook, Music by Jilly Jarman

The screeching of the wheels as the train pulls in.
The whirling of the cotton in the textile mill
The hammer and the rivet fixing sheets and sheets of steel.
The smell of baking biscuits wafting over the fields

The creaking of the cranes with their heavy load.
The horse and the cart on the busy, cobbled road
The hawking of the traders in the Market Hall.
The train brings industry to city one and all

The sound of a city that never, never slept
The smell of the steam as the trains came and left
The sight of the workers finishing their shift
Money in their pocket – the industrial gift

Pubs and clubs and shops a plenty
Places to spend until the purse is empty
Music and laughter spills into the night
The dawn of the train brings a new way of life
The dawn of the train brings a new way of life



Slow version for learning