Big Sing 4: “A Musical Journey Through The Land Of Shadows”


Tuesday October 17th 12.45 – 2.45

in the IMAX cinema at RHEGED

BlueJam’s 4th Big Sing!

This time we have the opportunity to sing with a Javanese Gamelan, electronic soundtracks, as well as create our own story told in music, images and words.

Primary Schools taking part


North Lakes







Secondary School students and Colleges

The BlueJam Big Sings would not be the same without the young adults from secondary schools and colleges who take part, offering leadership in music, performance, technical and event management areas.

This year we are excited to have the involvement of members of Heathlands Project, Carlisle, who will be contributing their gamelan experience, plus composition ideas (they helped to write the theme music) and their own world of form and colour.

Land of Shadows - individual school parts

What each school is doing

North Lakes


Heathlands Project

Character: 2 child mill workers – boy and girl. Their door is in the middle of a big mill building (New Lanark) which is where they work. It opens onto a victorian fair, for which they have helped to make the cover for the big top, and for which all the workers have been given a free ticket.

Character – Pirate.
Their door opens underwater and we swim upwards to the sea off one of the Caribbean islands, with pirate ships!

Character – a female fox
Their door opens from a stormy forest in the bole of a big oak tree to a wonderful sparkling sunny day, all refreshed after the rain – better than it was before

Programme for the afternoon at RHEGED


Fun Singing Warm-up

Theme Song rehearsal

Soundtrack effects

Gamelan performance

Land of Shadows

While schools arrive, we will lead clapping and singing games that feed into the storyline.

All schools will have had the theme songs to learn, but we will go over it all together and get it really confident.
This is the point at which we will practise the cues for when we sing the songs

The soundtrack for the Musical Journey will be a mix of live and prerecorded music. Using our music software we can add live vocal effects from volunteers to go into our storyline.
We will collect sounds from our school visits and invite volunteers to the stage to add live sounds.
It is great fun hearing the voice processed into something other than natural and increases childrens awareness of future composition possibilities.

The gamelan orchestra will be on the stage in front of the screen and we will play a traditional Javanese gamelan piece before playing the overture to the Land of Shadows.

Performance of the whole musical journey. Individual schools will be guided onto the stage to perform their sections while music plays. The order of schools will be decided after Jilly has visited all of them and finalised the narrative.

"A Musical Journey through the Land of Shadows"

A story told through song and poetry accompanied by the magical sounds of the Gamelan Orchestra and ambient soundtrack.

Theme Song

School World sections

Coming soon

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