BlueJam Youth Jazz Programme

Creative Jazz Workshops: Saturday October 8th 2017 Lancaster

Creative Jazz Workshop Lancaster October 7th 2017

Jilly Jarman

Geoff Bartholomew: Oct

Lancashire tutors

Tom Leah: July

: Creating jazz music in a band Useful things to know if you want to play in or form your own jazz band. Whether writing your own tracks, arranging standards or adding a jazz element to another style of music, it helps to know how all the parts fit together and how each instrument contributes to the overall sound.
First we will establish a groove, bass riff, chord progression and structure that everyone is comfortable with and then experiment a bit:
like – dropping instruments out; making every 4th bar a solo; getting the drums to play only the melody notes etc.; going into half time, double time, changing from swing 4 to 12/8.
The sort of thing you hear happening but can’t identify.

Jazz trumpet pro – swing and contemporary jazz.

Working with us on the day will be Cath Sewell, sax and Sylvie Heath, flute, (July) who will be available to work with small groups and individuals on jazz skills and instrumental and playing technique relevant to their needs.

Studio composition/electronic music strand:
“I would like to explore new roles for jazz instruments in modern music production. For example, we can record a drum kit and chop it up, reverse it, manipulate the sound and reincorporate that back into a part that the drummer can perform live. This can create a really interesting texture for a lead player to solo over – so that they not only respond to chord progressions, riffs and melody, but also the variety of sounds that are produced as these are played.
Solo wind, brass and strings can be building up riffs, then taking it in turns to solo with Kaos pad;
The keyboard can hook up to realtime software synths, messing round with arpeggiators and oscillators, building sounds from waveforms.

Tunes for the opening session

July 22nd

Ole Baby by Mocean Worker

Driftin by Herbie Hancock

Equinox by John Coltrane

Tunes for the opening session

October 27th

So far we have decided on Recorda Me by Joe Henderson and Mercy, Mercy, Mercy by Joe Zawinul

BlueJam Youth Jazz Ensemble


Want to perform with a small jazz group of young players from around Cumbria?

BJYJE is a loose group of (so far) about 12 instrumentalists and singers, mainly from North and West Cumbria.

We have a few gigs booked for the summer and next term and are looking for new players to join us.


BlueJam runs weekly jazz sessions in Penrith on Thursdays from 7-9pm. Everyone is welcome to come to these, but we realise a weekly commitment is difficult especially if you travel far, so we earmark just two rehearsals before each gig to enable more people to join in.

So far we have gigs at Kendal Jazz Club (September) and the Source Carlisle (December) pencilled in. Get in touch if you might be interested or speak to Jilly at the Creative Jazz Day.