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Sarah Gray

Sarah Gray runs BlueJam Arts NE.

Sarah is a singer and songwriter who spans a deep knowledge of classical music with a love of folk, world and blues. She performs with her own bands, writing new material regularly.
She founded the club to provide a space for young people who wanted to make music together in an informal, generous and creative way, with no pressure or competition. Since then, her approach has paid off, with regular visits from musicians and songwriters, professional recordings made of songs they have written and public performances.

After-school clubs

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Alnwick CMC offers the opportunity for young people from age 10-18, from different schools in the area, to participate in songwriting and creative ensemble work in accordance with the BlueJam ethos with the guidance of experienced singer songwriter Sarah Gray.

From small beginnings, Sarah now runs 2 clubs, with the generous support of The Duke’s Middle School and Duchess Community High School who offer their premises free of charge.

Sarah Gray, the director of BlueJam Arts NE, set up and leads all the after-school sessions.
She is helped by older BlueJammers and also regularly brings in local musicians and composers to inspire the participants.

BlueJam Jazz Workshops

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Jilly Jarman has been coming over to the NE for a few years to deliver jazz and improvisation workshops. These are open to any adult who wants to sing, or to discover the jazz genre or to find out ways to improvise.

The sessions have taken place at various places, in people’s houses or community centres.

Jilly Jarman, Creative Director of BlueJam – see her CV at

Improv Choir workshops at Howick 2016

The next workshop is on Sunday September 18th 2016 at Howick Village Hall. There is now a core group of about 10 singers who are coming to every session, with newcomers joining in easily.

The sessions are for any singer who wants to explore their vocal ideas in a safe space. We start with easy songs and grooves and gradually build up from there. You can take the exploration at your own pace.

For example – when creating a vocal weave, 4 people come up with short rhythmic or melodic fragments and other people join the one they like the best, either singing the same thing at the same time, or as an echo, or a harmony.

So you can choose to stay in your comfort zone for the whole session and still add to the group sound!

People are welcome to bring acoustic instruments which we may use to enhance the sound.

Leader: Jilly Jarman – BlueJam Improv Choirs

with Bryony Jarman-Pinto – Edinburgh “Moving With Voices”