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BlueJam team members are experienced at delivering high-quality CPD for teachers in primary schools, with practical, creative ideas deliverable within a school setting.

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Create a band from scratch

Creative Development Programme

BlueJam has initiated a series of Continuing Professional Development events aimed at our growing team of freelance musicians and artisis, our volunteers, and colleagues across the county and UK. In response to requests from our initial survey of needs see our first events below.

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Feldenkrais with Virginia Taylor

Photoshop Workshops

All sessions are free or subsidised for BlueJam team and volunteers. Some sessions are targeted at particular groups (eg young leaders, practitioners) but unless otherwise stated,sessions are open to all so if you are interested in attending a session, please get in touch.

June 6 2015
with Virginia Taylor, Penrith.

“Breathe Again!”

Virginia has devised a 3-hour workshop specifically relevant to teachers and performers working with the voice, but also of interest to wind, brass and other instrumentalists.
Feldenkrais observes that the nervous system develops, together with our frame, in such a way that the skeleton will hold up the body without expending energy, despite the pull of gravity. However ‘in poor posture, the muscles are doing a part of the job of the bones’. And what is more – some of these are intercostal and abdominal muscles are also needed for breathing. This workshop will help you feel how to separate out the functions which then become so much easier – ‘Breathing becomes easier and more rhythmical when the body is held erect without any conscious effort, that is, when its entire weight is supported by the skeletal structure.’ (Moshe Feldenkrais, Awareness Through Movement, 1972)
More sessions planned for 2016

Richie Johnston (richiejohnstonline.com) is leading a series of 2-hour workshops for BlueJam. These are small group sessions and designed so you can get information tailored to your specific level and needs. Please give us as much information about your experience and what you want to use Photoshop for in advance of the session. We have Macs available for use and work on Adobe CS5.
Please ring for available dates and prices: (Autumn 2016) 07766057315

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