Ways we can work alongside you


Time to finish that song you started or start that song you wanted to write but didn’t know where to begin.

Want to send a special message to people you can’t visit at the moment? Create a short animation with your own soundtrack.

Have you written a song for guitar and voice but could really hear it with a full orchestra? Or with backing vocals? Or sung by a fantastic acapella quartet?

Or maybe you have the tune but are unsure of the words.

BlueJam has a team of composers, arrangers and lyricists now sitting around with time to work on your ideas with you and create something special and unique.

We are offering “face-to-face” sessions at £30 per hour with other arranging or editing/recording work to be sorted out for a fee with your composer. We can do half-hour sessions so that you can go away and work on ideas in between and an email advice link.

Get in touch with your ideas!



Composition Tutors

Ella Jarman-Pinto

Contemporary classical composition

Geoff Bartholomew


Jilly Jarman