Film, video and photography

BlueJam runs video and soundtracks workshops, creates moving and still images for projects and produces short films for commission. These are in a community context where we can work effectively to give young people a hands-on, controlling role in creating artwork, narratives, words and music for the finished product. All our soundtracks are original, recorded and played by participants.

This is an area of work we are expanding and collaborate with film-makers and theatre practitioners to complement our own areas of expertise.

Video & Soundtracks Workshops

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We keep the sessions as hands on as possible. Our main expertise is in audio recording, music production and in using live and sampled sounds to compose soundtracks.
We use Logic as our main sequencing software. We can work with Garageband for settings like schools that have multiple ipads or iphones for students’ use.
We can offer help in gathering and editing footage – we use Premier Pro or iMovie. We will bring in visual artists and film directors where appropriate.

BlueJam team who work with video and audio composition, production and editing are:
Tom Leah, Jilly Jarman, Geoff Bartholomew, Karen Barbier, Richie Johnston.

BlueJam runs in-house sessions for our Young Composers and Music Leaders. We also work with schools, colleges and community groups.
Our strength is in our way of working so that young people have ownership over the product and the process remains important.
We also get approval for our finished products.

Please contact us through this site.
We are usually able to work quickly and get a 3-minute film edited in 2 weeks.
We enjoy improvising and responding to what young people throw onto the table.