Gamelan Orchestra

"Dwi Gambia Sari"

BlueJam is now co-leaser of the slendro half of the “Dwi Gambia Sari” which has been based in Cumbria for the last few years. The other half is looked after by Sage Gateshead and is currently in storage.

Our mission with our partners Heathlands Project and More Music Morecombe is to keep the gamelan as fully used as possible by the community and by musicians especially composers. We are thrilled to have access to such a beautiful instrument and to be working more closely with two very different projects both of whom are leaders in their field.

See details of our first project, funded by Youth Music: “GAM-A-JAM”.

This has now finished but we are continuing to hone our gamelan skills and develop outreach work with schools and community groups to build on this two years of successful activity.

Gamelan Facts

“The term gamelan – derived from the Javanese word “gamel” meaning to strike or to handle – refers to the ensemble of predominantly percussion instruments on which the traditional gamelan music of Java and Bali is played. Vocal music has also had a significant role in the development of gamelan music, alongside the addition of the rebab – a stringed fiddle, the siter (a plucked zither) and the bamboo flute called suling.” South Bank Centre Gamelan Resources