BlueJam Lockdown Videos

We really miss playing with you guys.

So what we have been doing is to try to recreate the experience of playing together by making a series of videos with the BlueJam Jazz team and our visiting  artists, which you can join in with but also, within an online music-making programme Soundtrap (like a cut-down Logic or Cubase), record your own solos and arrangements. You can then upload these to the website if you want or share them with each other and build new pieces etc.
We have finished the first video which teaches a new song written specially for BlueJam by the amazing Jemma Freese (look at her credits at the end, she’s flying). Anyone in the BlueJam Jazz project, or your friends if they want to join, can access all the videos in the series for free, and we can log them in to Soundtrap as well.
To use Soundtrap usefully you need a computer or iPad/tablet, Google Chrome and headphones, and if possible a USB keyboard, though you can also input midi stuff using the onboard keys or your computer keyboard. You don’t need to get the software as it is in the cloud and you can work collaboratively almost in real time with the BlueJam tutors or each other.





Vocal scatting over a groove for beginners with Asha Nicholson, Bryony Jarman-Pinto and Josh Jackson.


You Go To My Head – intermediate – deconstructing a ballad – with Mia Anderson and Jilly Jarman.

BlueJam Lockdown Video 3 Ballad from BlueJam Arts on Vimeo.

I Got Rhythm and Lester Leaps In – beginner/intermediate – how to solo, embellish a tune, create backing riffs over a Rhythm Changes piece, with Joe and Rob Steels, Josh Jackson, Bryony Jarman-Pinto.


Take this opportunity to learn how to play jazz, whatever instrument, whatever level, whatever age. If you are dipping your toe in for the first time, a sympathetic tutor who will work out how you learn best and go at your pace, is the best way to get started. If you already know what you are doing, save money by getting the exact input you need rather than trawling through loads of You Tube videos (or as well as!)

For Girls In Jazz and BlueJam Jazzers, we have a subsidised project you can sign up to.

We are offering “face-to-face” sessions at £30 per hour We can do half-hour sessions so that you can go away and work on ideas in between and an email advice link.

Get in touch via the here for more information



Jazz Tutors

Jilly Jarman

Multi Instrumentalist

Geoff Bartholomew


Joe Steels

Jazz Guitar – Joe took up the guitar at age 8, music being in the family. Having seen many great British jazz musicians at the local Appleby jazz festival such as Pete King and Art Themen, he was exposed to jazz at an early age. In 2015, Joe started studying at Birmingham Conservatoire where he had the opportunity to study under the tutorship of the likes of Percy Pursglove, John O’gallagher, Arnie Somogyi, and Jean Toussaint, as well as many others. He has also attended master classes from such international jazz musicians as Dave Liebman, Walter Smith III, Eddie Henderson and Peter Bernstein. He can provide an eclectic range of guitar lessons, as well as jazz theory lessons. 

Teaching is catered for individuals based on their stage in the musical process as well as their learning style. Emphasis is placed building through the history of jazz, as this allows for students to create informed decisions as to musical direction, as well as a strong technical basis. This leaves plenty of room for personal taste. Most importantly, enjoyment is required!