Heathlands Project Gamelan Week with BlueJam

Heathlands Project Gamelan Week 2 with BlueJam

The second week of the gamelan project at Heathland Project involved participants from Heathlands users with a young music leader from BlueJam. The sessions were run by Jilly Jarman from BlueJam who directed the project and finalised the music and Spiff from Heathlands who devised the storyline. The group was inspired to help write the music for the theme tunes that 200 primary school children will sing at the BlueJam Big Sing at Rheged on October 17th and will come to Rheged to join in the concert.

The story they have created has a main character “Fox!” and this is what she looks like! (courtesy of Hugh Pottinger) and the forest she lives in (courtesy of Bryony Jarman-Pinto). Fox journeys through the Land of Shadows alongside other characters like the Pirate and finds his special place full of light, form and colour.

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