B Jamba and BJYJE

May Day Parade in Penrith

May Day Penrith

What a great day – sunshine, crowds and loads going on.

BlueJam started off our day by finishing off our new dragon, courtesy of Paddlers for Life and John Parkinson of Upfront Theatre, then we all went to play on the Bandstand – about 16 drummers and 10 horn players plus bass. A new set consisting of combining South African, reggae, ska and Latin horn numbers to the drum pieces from B Jamba. Apparently sounded great – the dragon was a hit – and the highlight of the set was the young players trading solos with Geoff Bartholomew.

We then rushed off to start the parade and Josh led us through town – pretty tight despite some new players and returning members who had to pick up the new arrangements really quickly.

Meanwhile Lawrence Leith and Bryony Jarman-Pinto were leading a family workshop with Lawrence’s hand-made musical instruments based on the Indonesian gamelan – in the sun in the Churchyard – they got loads of people joining in.

Hats off to Penrith Lions for making the weather great and organising a wonderfully busy and exciting day.

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