A Musical Journey to the Land of Your Dreams

*A Word Song Sound Project*

BlueJam Arts, with support from Cumbria Music Hub, is offering primary schools the exciting opportunity to take part in a musical project which will culminate in an online festival connecting Cumbrian Schools via a virtual world. This project combines songwriting, exploration of sound and art. 


Sounds great! How will it work?
A musician will visit your school and teach your class or bubble two catchy songs from the story of the journey to the Land of Your Dreams. You will then work with them to create your own special song unique to your school, based on your classes chosen topic or dream. This, along with the songs from other primary schools, will form an important part of the virtual world that we’ll make together.

We can work with one class or bubble to create your part of the story. During the workshop you will be making line drawings, creating lyrics and exploring music.

What happens next?
The lyrics and musical ideas will then be sent to composer Bryony Jarman-Pinto who will produce the song and and create a backing track, as well as recording a video message for your class. You will then receive this and have the opportunity to record your class singing the song and adding any other parts you may wish to add.

And then…The Online Festival
At the end of the Spring Term, just before Easter, we will come together virtually to go on the Musical Journey to the Land of Your Dreams. We will sing the songs you learned with all of the other primary schools who are taking part – plus you will share the special song you created as part of the story! The  line drawings made during the workshop, now digitally coloured, will be displayed on screen during your song for all the schools to see.

When will the workshops happen?
A musician will visit your school sometime this term or the beginning of the Spring term. The online Festival will take place just before Easter. We will arrange this to suit you.

How much does it cost to take part?
The cost per school is £100. If this is a barrier to you taking part please do contact us.

What does the price include?

  • A half day visit from a musician
  • A recording and backing track of the school song which will  have been crafted from the material created in the creative workshop by Bryony Jarman Pinto
  • Entrance to the Online Festival
  • Further support via Zoom sessions
  • Access to all the song resources on the dedicated webpage.   

What will the children gain from taking part?

  • A rare opportunity to work with professional musicians and songwriters from a variety of disciplines.
  • A chance to feel part of something bigger, which has been difficult during the pandemic – to feel connected with other children across Cumbria.
  • To create something personal to their class that they are proud of.
  • To develop their teamwork and communication skills
  • To be creatively and musically inspired!

I’d like some more information…
For more information please contact admin@bluejamarts.org.


(if the form doesn’t work for you, you can download a copy here: Registration Form – Journey to The Land of Your Dreams – please return it to admin@bluejamarts.org)