Programme Partner

The Brewery Kendal


Upfront Gallery

Shared goals especially regarding youth jazz
and opportunities for performance.

Jazz Development

Jazz North


Trellis Arts

Jazz development

National Youth Jazz Collective

Heritage Partner

Penrith & Eden Museum


Heathlands Project

Joint ownership with Moremusic of the Cumbrian Gamelan, collaboration
on gamelan and youth leadership projects.

Programme Partner

North Lakes School

North Cumbria Transition Choir and Ensemble
and strategy for networking in Eden.

Strategy and Development Partner

Cumbria Music Hub

BlueJam is supported by the Hub in its programme of Youth
Delivery, specifically the North Cumbria Transition Choir and
Ensemble and in the development of the new
Penrith Music Centre at North Lakes School.

Liz Dodds, Eden

Mee Kuon Cheong, London

Stella Jarman, Midlands

John Jarman, Midlands

Iain Campbell, Penrith

Gail Bashall, Penrith


We are pleased to announce our new Friends initiative. People listed here have formally agreed to support BlueJam Arts in our work, either through offering professional expertise, volunteering time and ideas, giving one-off payments or a small monthly or yearly contribution. Anyone is welcome to become a Friend – please get in touch for more information!