Clusters Video

The video above was shown on 2nd July at Penrith Leisure Centre as part of the NCTCE Summer Concert.

It showed clips from the drumming, movement and video activities taking place as part of the aim of the project to involve as many young people as possible in creating content for the show. Some children don’t enjoy singing and these activities gave them a different way to express themselves through music.

The screen was also used to show live-feed of signing to accompany a song performed by Yanwath school.


This movie was made with the support of the 0-19 Fund through Cumbria County Council.

Clusters Drumming

We also had a drumming accompaniment to one of the songs, worked out by young people from Beaconside and North Lakes.

All the young people shown here devised their own performances, working together to create scenarios to go with the music. We have tried to include as many as possible – they were all great! Well done, guys!

Secondary school young people also worked with video editing programmes to create visual titles and descriptive images.