Work Experience

Ben Currie Work Experience

Ben’s Work Experience At BlueJam Arts.

In this post i will talk about my work experience with BlueJam including what work I have done with BlueJam and how I first started the work experience. Firstly I started the work experience by getting in contact by phone to BlueJam with the support of sixth form staff. After phoning up to BlueJam and deciding that this is something I would like to do I soon started my first day on the work experience, during the first few sessions of doing the work experience I was doing tasks on the computer that involved designing posters for use in and outside of the BlueJam space. I produced these posters by using Photoshop which before coming to BlueJam I didn’t get to use much before, I found that by getting to use photoshop that I managed to get skills using it that I didn’t have before all while being able to help BlueJam In the way of improving their poster designs Inside and outside of the BlueJam building. While at BlueJam I also hads the job of tasks involving getting data together into documents such as compiling a document of outdated website materiel as well as a document consisting of data from the cash book which had to be made in a digital format. I feel that so far by doing work experience at BlueJam that I have managed to expand upon and develop my skills of being in and working within a work environment which I’m sure will help me with work in the future.